About Allegro


Allegro Youth Choir promotes musical excellence and provides youth of all backgrounds and beliefs in Central New Jersey with the opportunity for artistic and personal growth through superior choral instruction, community outreach, and music performance. 

We pride ourselves in fostering an environment of creativity, open-minds, inclusivity, and care for each and every voice.

What Makes Us Different

We recognize that our youth lead very active lives, juggling the demands of school, extracurricular activities, and a social life. Adding more to their schedule is oftentimes very challenging. Therefore we have designed a program that requires minimal physical commitment but maximum musical artistry and fulfillment.

Our Approach

Participants must submit a video audition, once selected into the choir, choristers will be responsible for attending the given in person rehearsal dates bi-weekly from 7:30-9:30. During our "off" weeks students will stay engaged learning their music from the provided musical tracks or exploring musicality through (group projects).

The expectation of participating in the choir is that all members will put the time and energy into learning their music privately so that when we do meet, we can truly focus on building the sound and synergy of the ensemble.


When can I join Allegro?

New members are accepted in September, but auditions are accepted throughout the year at the discretion of the directors.


Who is Eligible?

All voices SATB

Individuals entering 9th-12th grades


Rehearsal Dates;

September - Auditions

October - 17th and 24th

November - 7th and 21st

December - 5th and 12th

January - 9th and 23rd

February - 6th and 20th

March - 6th and 20th

April - 3rd and 24th

May - 8th and 22nd

June - 5th and 19th

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