Update: Auditions are postponed. We are going to welcome everyone to join us for our first rehearsal. Auditions  may be re-instituted for additional members in the future, so come check us out now! 

The Audition: 

All applicants must use the following format to complete the audition process. The audition is divided into two sections - scales and student choice.

  • Applicants must create two video recordings (scales and solo) in an mp4 format. 
  • Recordings must be clear and free of any audio distortion. All recordings must be submitted by Monday, September 26, 2022 - 11:59 PM via provided Google Form - ALLEGRO
  • Please Note:
    • Late recordings will not be accepted.
    • Any recording submission missing a portion of the audition requirements will not be accepted.



Audition Requirements:

VIDEO 1 - 

  1. Diatonic Scales - Sung on “Ah” [a] ascending and descending - See link to play your starting pitch PitchPipe
    1. Soprano - C (Low) and G (High)
    2. Alto - A (Low) and E (High)
    3. Tenor - C (Low) and F# (High)
    4. Bass - A (Low) and E (High)
  2. Chromatic Scale - on "Ah" [a] ; 8 notes ascending; 8 notes descending -

See link to play your starting pitch PitchPipe

  1. F-C - Soprano and Tenor
  2. C-G - Alto and Bass

VIDEO 2 - 

  1. Choice Solo - The piece is to be performed a cappella and can be a song of your choice, any musical genre is acceptable. Verse and chorus. (Keep in mind this is your moment to impress with your vocal abilities - choose wisely!)



Audition Scoring:

Auditions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy, Musicianship, Preparedness, and Quality

Allegro NJ Youth Choir Audition Submission Form: ALLEGRO


Any questions or concerns please contact us at: Sing@njchoralalliance.org

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